The Mother's Service Society

The Mother’s Service Society, Pondicherry, India is a recognized social science research and educational institution founded in 1970. The Academy has worked in close collaboration with MSS since the late 1990s co-sponsoring a wide range of conferences, seminars and research projects including:
  • Workshop on Process of Social Development – Washington DC, July 1999
  • International conference on Theory of Social Development – Chennai, Oct 1999
  • International Conference on Uncommon Opportunities: Roadmap for Employment, Food & Global Security – Delhi, Nov 2004
  • Security in a Knowledge-Based Society (NATO Workshop) – Zagreb, Nov 2005
  • Future of Knowledge (General Assembly of the World Academy) – Zagreb, Nov 2005
  • Workshop on Nuclear Disarmament (World Futures Society) – Toronto, July 2006
  • Workshop on Nuclear Disarmament (Global Security Institute) – New York, Oct 2006
  • Weaponization of Space (Global Security Institute) – New York, Feb 2008
  • e-Conference on Global Employment Challenge – Oct 2009 to Feb 2010
  • General Assembly of the World Academy – New Delhi, Nov 2011

In addition, MSS conducts joint research with WAAS on new economic theory, employment and social development, provides editorial assistance for publication of Cadmus Journal, Eruditio, Op-ed, and the WAAS newsletter, and supports other administrative activities of the Academy