Saulo Jose Casali Bahia

WAAS Designation: 
Two line Bio: 

Saulo Casali Bahia is a federal judge in Brazil and member of the Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) in Salvador. He has extensive experience with regard to constitutional law and public international law, and also with regard to public policies and Judicial Power.

A member of the Editorial Board of three journals, Saulo has published many books and articles and is a recipient of several awards. He joined the University of Florida (USA) as a visiting professor four times, and also in France (University of Tours).

He has been a Fellow of WAAS since 2006 and Trustee since 2012.

Personal Statement: 

Saulo Casali Bahia has been Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science since 2006. At the professional level, he acts as federal judge in Brazil (since 1993) and as Associated Professor of the Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil (since 1994), where he teaches constitutional law and public international law. His interests are human rights, new economic theories and judicial policies, being the themes of his conference and journal articles. His PhD degree was in Law. His vision of the Academy involves its comprehension as a world recognized organization, which continues to improve its impact and visibility by establishing relationship with other governmental or non-governmental organizations and strongly contributing to discussions on the New Paradigm of Human Development. He thinks that the activities of the Academy connected to the World University Consortium, involving various courses and seminars, and journals Eruditio and Cadmus must be maintained, and complemented with collectively prepared books. He supports the objectives of the Academy to integrate its Fellows, absorbing new qualified members from all around the world, organize meetings, and create connections worldwide, all this with the universal idea of development peace, prosperity and solidarity. He intends to serve the Academy's needs, participating in the Meetings of the Board of Trustees and representing the best interests of its members.

Primary Position & Institution: 
Professor/Federal Judge, Federal University of Bahia/Federal Justice, Brazil
International Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights
Professional Areas of Interest: 
International Law, Peace and Development, Fighting Corruption, Judicial Administration, Judges and Justice, New Economic Theories
WAAS Positions Held & When: 

BoT member, 2012/2016