GEC Conference Papers

 Conference Papers
GEC-1: Right to Employment
Right to Employment - Winston Nagan. The paper was also published in the second issue of CADMUS Journal.
GEC-2: Goal of Full Employment
Global Prospects for Full Employment - Paper presented by Garry Jacobs & Ivo Slaus at the International Conference on Concerted Strategies for International Development in the 21st Century organized by the Club of Rome in Bern, Switzerland, on November 17-18, 2010. The paper was also published in the second issue of CADMUS journal.
Full Employment and Employment Guarantees - Webcast presentation by Randall Wray 
Innovative Strategies for Financing Full Employment - Webcast presentation by Bernard Lietaer
GEC-4: Technology and Employment
The Blue Economy - Gunter Pauli
Building The Blue Economy - Gunter Pauli, published in the ODE Magazine


Background Papers & Reports
Re-enchantment of Work: Engagement in the 21st Century - Anthony Judge - Workshop convened by Magda McHale on behalf of WAAS and the Center for Integrative Studies (University of Buffalo, NY October 1996)
Gender and the Job Guarantee - Pavlina R. Tcherneva and L. Randall Wray
Options for Managing a Systemic Bank Crisis - Bernard Lietaer - Application of complexity theory framework to monetary systems.
Quantifying sustainability: Resilience, efficiency and the return of information theory - Bernard Lietaer - A seminal  theoretical paper on how to measure the sustainability of a complex system with a single metric.
Quantifying economic sustainability: Implications for free-enterprise theory, policy and practice - Bernard Lietaer - Application of this complexity theory framework to economics.
A new report on creating “Green Collar” Jobs