The Security & Sustainability Guide

Special Notice to WAAS Fellows

“The S&S Guide offers a unique and invaluable glimpse of 1,500 mostly non-profit organizations of global interest—more than half begun since 2002. Especially note some 80 information portals, and nearly 100 alliances, consortia, and networks.”

– Ted Trzyna (WAAS Fellow; Editor, World Directory of Environmental Organizations, 6th Edition 2001; President, Inter-Environment Institute, Claremont, Calif.)

The Security & Sustainability Guide:
1,500 Organizations Pursuing Essential Global Goals

Prepared by Michael Marien, David Harries, and Michael Sales

A 250-page “Interim Draft” PDF of The S&S Guide, a project of the World Academy of Art & Science, will be available for limited distribution free of charge to WAAS Fellows. It asserts the critical fact that sustainability and security are both essential and can only be achieved in concert. The Guide is incomplete, but the compilers believe that, even in its current state, many WAAS Fellows will find it useful for illuminating many of the most serious problems facing humanity under the broad, overlapping categories of “Security” (weapons proliferation, terrorism, cyber-attacks, economic and food insecurity, human rights, peacemaking, crime and corruption, inadequate infrastructure, etc.) and “Sustainability” (climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, energy, agriculture, population growth, cities, oceans, forests, vulnerability to disasters, green economics and nance, etc.)

The S&S Guide features the following:

  • Forewords by Heitor Gurgulino de Souza and Garry Jacobs
  • Part 1: Overview
    1. Major Categories Index (a quick orientation to key topics and # of orgs. under each)
    2. 100 Notable Books and Reports (mostly recent and freely-available online reports)
    3. 50 Notable Organizations (briefly described)
    4. 25 Notable Individuals
    5. 80 Information Portals (to various security and sustainability topics, e.g. climate)
  • Part 2: Title Index to 1,500 organizations (more to come; suggested additions invited)
  • Part 3: Organization Descriptions (400 orgs. with links to the Title and Subject Indexes)
  • Part 4: Subject Index (already extensive—some 60 double column pages!) 

For a free PDF of the S&S Guide, contact WAAS Fellows Dr. Michael Marien ( or Dr. David Harries ( Comments on this work in progress are encouraged; also suggestions for funding to make this project sustainable.